Top Online Associates Degree Programs in Hawaii

You may think of Hawaii as less of a state and more as a tourist destination, but that view is getting seriously outdated. Though this beautiful island-state did once base its economy on tourism and travel, there has been a heavy shift away from the leisure and hospitality end of things over the past decade. This does not mean that a student focusing on tourism or travel will not find plenty of work, but it does indicate that a more diverse spectrum is opening up to those who want to get a degree that can be put to use in their professional life.

Does this mean that a Bachelors Degree is mandatory for a job in Hawaii? Not at all, and there are many accredited online and “brick and mortar” schools with programs of tremendous benefit to a resident of Hawaii. We’ll look at the online Associates Degrees and how they will be of use to someone living in, or moving to, Hawaii.

The Associates Degree and the Job Market

Today, a student heading into an online Associates Degree program in Hawaii will have to consider the job market available to them when they finish their studies. Because of this, the top online Associates Degree programs for Hawaiian residents include health care, community and social services, computer technologies, mathematics, and education (including library and training courses). This is because it is these areas in which the most employment is anticipated to appear in the coming years.

What to Study

The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to take what were once known as “correspondence courses,” but what today’s online schools call distance learning or online study. In Hawaii, there is a distinctive quality to any of the accredited schools because of the need to qualify under the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This is very prestigious accreditation organization, and this means that anyone fortunate enough to attend a school in Hawaii (online or in person) is going to benefit from this reputation.

What is interesting about the top online Associates Degree programs in Hawaii is that they do tend to coincide with the anticipated shifts in employment. For instance, there is a tremendous amount of attention on personal care services, healthcare, and computer science within the Associates programs.

Where to Study

One of the simplest ways for a student to begin to earn the credits and training essential to their Associates Degree is to explore the options available in the University of Hawaii System. This is a remarkably diverse educational venue that offers large college campuses on a few of the islands and which also has all of the community colleges and alternative learning programs (including a huge number of distance and online courses) available too.

There are other “hybrid” options that partner classroom learning, life experiences, and online courses towards Associates Degrees too. One of the most popular among them is Argosy University which makes the top online Associates Degree programs in Hawaii available too.